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I’m so pleased that you have decided to pursue your career at Atlantic Grupa. I’m sure you’ll find your place among professional, ambitious and dedicated co-workers and that you’ll contribute to the quality of this company.

Here at Atlantic Grupa – quality matters. We take great pride in our quality and we pursue it in every aspect. We also know that quality can only be achieved if every single colleague contributes. Exceptional business results come about when good business practices go hand in hand with great personal relationships. That’s why we make great efforts to provide the support you need to work well and feel good.

As you can see, we’ve prepared a short Welcome book with a number of useful facts and some advice that might come in handy. It will also provide you with a glimpse of our business principles, procedures and aspirations.

I am certain that you will be a great addition to this company and I wish you a lot of success on your new job. Remember – be passionate, be responsible and be creative. And, most of all – think! Challenge conventional wisdom, learn and never underestimate yourself.

That’s it. I don’t want to take any more of your time. I’m sure you have plenty of things to do.

Emil Tedeschi

We're Atlantic.
Take a peek under the hood and get to know what we're about.


Atlantic Grupa is one of the leading food and beverage companies in the SEE region with own renowned regional brands that are, alongside the product ranges of our partners, supported by its own distribution systems in the region. We employ approximately 5300 people in total.

We provide our colleagues, investors and business partners infinite opportunities to grow, invest and progress. With a common vision, we build and create lasting benefits, always keeping in mind our core values. 

Wherever we go,
we always look out for our values.

GROWTH: creating new value

Because we always aspire for more, we have an appetite for a steady and stable growth. We are stepping out of our comfort zone, always hungry for the next challenge, we strive to see our brands, markets and profits grow and our employees develop.

PASSION: creating with enthusiasm

It’s not just what we do, it’s how we do it. Like a special spice, the passion we put into our work makes us stand out and accomplish better results. Dedication is the secret ingredient that we use to make our products better and our future brighter.

CARE: creating a better environment

We are a company that cares – we take care of each other, we care about the well-being of our colleague, we care about business relationships and we care what kind of world we are going to leave to the generations that come after us.

OPENNESS – creating better with open minds

Whatever we do, we never stop being curious, always fearless (you can learn even from mistakes!) and thirsty for new ideas and experiences. We embrace diversity, and different opinions knowing that they will lead us to better solutions of everyday tasks and challenges.

Take a look at our exciting

Incorporation of Atlantic Trade and the development of consumer goods distribution

Launch of Montana

Acquisition of Cedevita

Acquisition of Neva

Acquisition of Haleko

Listing of Atlantic Grupa at the Zagreb Stock Exchange

Acquisition of Droga Kolinska

Acquisition of Foodland

It’s been quite a ride


Acquisition of Foodland, a food company specialised in homemade fruit and vegetable products


Acquisition of Prodis, a distribution company in Slovenia and Croatia


Establishing cooperation with Unilever


Acquisition of Droga Kolinska, a regional food and beverage company
Acquisition of Kalničke vode Bio Natura, a Croatian bottling company


Acquisition of pharmacy institutions, subsequently forming the leading Croatian privately held pharmacy chain Farmacia


Listing of Atlantic Grupa at the Zagreb Stock Exchange
Acquisition of Fidifarm, leading Croatian producer of vitamin products and food supplements
Acquisition of Multivita, leading Serbian producer of vitamin instant drinks
Acquisition of Vičiški komerc, one of the leading distributors in Macedonia


Acquisition of Sports Direct in UK


Acquisition of Haleko, a leading European producer of sports food (today’s Multipower)


Acquisition of Interchem Zagreb, a cosmetics producer, which is well known for Melem, a universal protective cream


Acquisition of Neva, the leading cosmetics producer in Croatia


Incorporation of Atlantic Grupa


Acquisition of Cedevita, a famous instant vitamin drink


Launch of Montana, the first Croatian ready-made sandwich for broad distribution


Investment in the Ataco distribution system in Bosnia and Herzegovina


Incorporation of Atlantic Trade and the development of consumer goods distribution

And salute
the crew
that got us

Emil Tedeschi

President and CEO

Zoran Stanković


Neven Vranković

Corporate Activities

Lada Tedeschi-Fiorio

Bussines Development and Strategy

Srećko Nakić


Enzo Smrekar

Strategic Business Units
Savoury Spreads & Donat Mg

Check out the top officers

Members of the Strategic Management Council in addition to Board Members are:

Emil Tedeschi
President and Chief Executive Officer of Atlantic Grupa

Neven Vranković
Group Vice President for Corporate Activities

Zoran Stanković
Group Vice President for Finance

Lada Tedeschi Fiorio
Vice President for Business Development & Strategy

Zvonimir Brekalo
General Manager for SBU Beverages

Bojan Klarić
Senior Executive Director for Distribution Business Development

Srećko Nakić
Vice President for Distribution

Miroslav Petrić
Senior Executive Director for Corporate Key Account Management

Mate Štetić
General Manager for SBU Coffee

Enzo Smrekar
General Manager for SBU Savory Spreads & Donat MG

Sanja Šagud
General Manager for SBU Pharma and Personal care

Matjaž Vodopivec
General Manager for SBU Snacks

Mojca Domiter
Executive Director for Corporate HRM

Danijel Banek
Executive Director for Central Purchasing

Siniša Resanović
Executive Director for Corporate Controlling

Ivan Mišetić
Secretary General

Emir Hrković
General Manager for SDU CIS

Dragomir Kostić
General Manager for SDU Serbia

Krešimir Starčević
Senior Executive Director for Corporate Legal Affairs and Investment Management

Mladen Pejković
Senior Executive Director for Transformation and Information Technology

Slaven Romac
General Manager for SDU Croatia

Milivoj Librenjak
General Manager for Global Distribution Area Management

Miranda Mladin
Executive Director for Central Marketing & Innovation

Marko Kufrin
Executive Director for Corporate Strategy & New Growth





Once a local
distributor, now
we're all over
the globe.

Busy bees – at home and overseas

Atlantic Grupa is Croatian multinational company with 10 firms and representative offices and 16 production facilities in 5 countries. We are also great at shipping, delivering our products from 17 distribution centers to over 40 markets worldwide.

Atlantic Grupa’s products are highly represented in Russia, the CIS and Western European Countries, with renowned regional brands such as Argeta, Donat MG, Cedevita and Granny’s Secret.


Izola, Slovenia (Barcaffè)
Belgrade, Serbia (Grand kafa)
Glavičice, B&H (Grand kafa)
Skopje, Macedonia (Grand kafa)


Apatovec, Croatia (Kala, Cedevita)
Zagreb, Croatia (Cedevita)
Rogaška Slatina, Slovenia (Donat Mg, Cockta)
Palanački kiseljak, Serbia (Karađorđe)


Izola, Slovenia (Argeta)
Sarajevo, B&H (Argeta)
Zagreb, Croatia (Montana)
Igroš, Serbia (Granny’s secret)


Belgrade, Serbia (Štark)
Ljubovija, Serbia (Štark)


Zagreb, Croatia (Dietpharm)
Mirna, Slovenia (Bebi)

To manage
all of this,
we need to
run a tight


Business operations of Atlantic Grupa are organised in five strategic business units; SBU Beverages, SBU Coffee, SBU Snacks, SBU Savoury Spreads, SBU Pharma and business unit (BU) Donat Mg. The distribution business are organized into six distribution units and global distribution account management.

Corporate support functions ensure the implementation of uniform corporate standards and more transparent and efficient business operations at the company level. Corporate support functions are centrally organised and, depending on their respective functional area, provide support to the development and management of the entire Atlantic Grupa.

These corporate support functions are divided into:
• Corporate Activities,
• Finance, Procurement and Investments,
• Corporate Strategy and Development,
• Transformation and Information Technology.

Now grab the
wheel and
explore a brand
new world.





Pharma and
personal care


Renowned brands such as Barcaffè and Grand Kafa are present in the markets of Serbia, Slovenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, Croatia and Montenegro and have impressive market-leading positions in the Adria region. A high degree of recognition, quality, tradition and a high market share on key markets render the brands of this business unit highly valuable.


Bonito is the youngest brand in the Atlantic coffee portfolio with its smart-buy branding position.


One of the best-known regional brands supported by an exquisite coffee blend. The success story started in 1970 when Barcaffé appeared in stores and became the most common gift from the retail assortment, as well as a must-have household item; 7 out of 10 Slovenian coffee lovers begin their day with a cup of Barcaffé.


Has developed its “grand authority” image and focuses on the Serbian, Bosnian and Macedonian markets. Grand Kafa was established in the 1990’s in Belgrade as the first Serbian privately owned traditional coffee brand. Ever since its launch, Grand Kafa has been dominant in the domestic coffee market and has gained the trust of millions of coffee lovers in the region.


The business unit starring Argeta, a savoury spread made of nothing but seasoned pure fish and poultry meat. Born and bred in the region of SEE, it has become household necessity over the past 55 years.

Argeta has achieved remarkable success in Austria, Germany, Spain and recently the CIS. The assortment also includes Montana sandwiches.


A premium savoury spread product for all occasions that dominates the market in SEE region and delivers outstanding results in WE markets.

Argeta Junior is a range of spreads made especially for our youngest consumers while gourmet edition spreads are being launched under the Argeta Exclusive sub-brand. Prepared according to a special recipe- which include the best cuts of meats alongside some spices- make these spreads a first-class treat.


Montana is the #1 sandwich brand in Croatia and #1 triangle sandwich brand in Slovenia. Ten delicious and super tasty flavours make these sandwiches an appetising and nourishing meal solutions on the go. 



Gourmet became a separate business unit in 2015, following the successful acquisition of the Foodland Company. With headquarters in Belgrade, the Foodland Company was established in 1998, with a production facility located at the foot of the Kopaonik, an ecologically preserved environment extremely rich in berries. In 1999, the Amfissa brand was created, while the development of the boutique brand Granny’s Secret started in 2003. In the local tradition of our grandmothers, Granny’s Secret products are homemade and prepared in a natural way aiming to preserve the best from nature. A wide range of supreme products are grouped in several categories: Ajvar, Extra Jams, Whole Fruit Preserves and 100% Fruit and Vegetable Juices.


Whether you like them salty or sweet, this business unit will offer you a perfect snack for every occasion at any time. Our brands Štark – Najlepše Želje, Smoki, Prima, Bananica and Sweet enjoy great popularity and a leading presence in the SEE region.


These chocolates have countless formulas that enable a wide variety of flavours, made strictly from natural ingredients. Najlepše želje has 42 different product variants and spread in several sub-categories. Incredibly luring for chocolate gourmets, irresistibly amusing for children and precious ingredient for cooks – Najlepše želje serve as delightful dessert, a serotonin injection and a perfect present.


This famous soft chocolate foam dessert is a product with a 50 year old tradition and has retained trust from an enormous number of consumers as the one and only original Bananica. It is produced from high-quality natural ingredients and has a chocolate coating with a cocoa content of 54% with the addition of agar-agar.


Created in 1972, these were the first flips produced in South-Eastern Europe. Smoki’s unique taste made them the best flips and one of the most recognisable brands in the food industry. Smoki is made from premium quality corn meal, freshly baked peanuts and vegetable oil, with no additives. The popularity of this product speaks for itself as Smoki has become the generic name for the entire flips category.


Atlantic Grupa is a prominent regional producer of beverages – Cedevita, Multivita, Cockta, Donat Mg and Kala are recognized and appreciated by consumers in the SEE region and beyond. 


Cedevita is the synonym the most favorite vitamin instant beverage and vitamin candy. Cedevita started as a vitamin supplement, but it quickly became the most favorite instant vitamin beverage consumed at household. Through packaging innovation, we extended the presence of Cedevita in café’s and enabled on-the-go experience with the special Cedevita cap.


The most popular non-alcoholic soda in the countries of the Former Yugoslavia. Originally produced in the 1950’s, the secret of Cockta’s unique flavour lies in the mixture of eleven herbs, with the special aroma of dog rose, and the freshness of lemon and orange flavours.


A natural mineral water with the highest level of magnesium in Europe that helps resolving problems related to constipation, heartburn, muscle cramps, fatigue, stress etc. For over 400 years this natural mineral water is a base for treatments in Rogaška Slatina medical centre. The distinctive composition of minerals make Donat Mg unique on a worldwide scale.


Atlantic Grupa is a regional player in the water market, with manufacturing facilities in Slovenia (Rogaška Slatina), Croatia (Apatovac) and Serbia (Palanački Kiseljak) and with recognized brands Tempel, Kala, Kalnička and Karađorđe. 



SBU Pharma and Personal Care integrates three complementary and complex business activities:

  1. specialized medical products stores – Farmacia pharmacy chain
  2. Fidifarm company with Dietpharm food supplements and Fidifarm OTC products production
  3. Bebi –  high quality baby food 

All three bussiness` activities are committed to developing strong brands and great consumer experiences, as well as making sure that we provide healthy lifestyle choices for our consumers at all times.


Dietpharm is the regional leader in food supplements and vitamin products. The assortment has been broadened with a variety of OTCs under the brand Fidifarm. Dietpharm offers a wide range of products, which are the result of carefully selected ingredients, advanced technology and the highest standards, all in compliance with the strictest European and global requirements.


Bebi products are available in 5 categories: cereals, instant milk formula (IMF), tea, biscuits and water. Cereals are the main category and we offer a wide range of Bebi cereals for a well-balanced and healthy baby diet, developed during 37 years of tradition and quality. Depending on the recipe Bebi cereals can be prepared with water, breast milk, IMF or milk. Food quality and safety are especially important for babies, so Bebi cereals are produced from natural ingredients only, and only high quality baby food raw materials are used in our production. Additional milk, non-milk and low allergenic tastes can be found in our lines.


Quality is the key that we follow in the creation and support of brands. Therefor it is no wonder that Atlantic can boast itself with top brands in fast moving goods category in the region.


We don't just
we deliver.

Shipping since 1991

Atlantic Grupa is the leading distributor of high-quality consumer goods in South-Eastern Europe, with brands that are regional and global leaders in their categories. Our distribution portfolio is continually expanding. Apart from distributing our own brands, Atlantic Grupa is an exclusive or authorised distributor of renowned international companies and brands in different markets in the region such as: Alkaloid, Beam Suntory, Bic, Del Castello, Duracell, Ferrero, Hipp, Ilirija, Italfood, Jan Spider, Johnson & Johnson, Mars, Rauch, Sab Miller, Schwartau, Sofidel Group, Stock International, Unilever, Vitamin Well, Vivera. Our Strategic Distribution Units (SDUs) are made up of seasoned experts in key account management, product category management, supply chain management and trade marketing.

Take a look at all the brands we distribute.

Hey sailor, care for a quick quiz?
What was the very first product Atlantic sold?
Approximately how many glasses of Cedevita are consumed in one year?
Barcaffè has a magenta packaging, but that’s a result of a mistake. What was the initial colour meant to be?
Quizzes aren’t your cup of tea, are they?
So, where do I fit in
this ocean, you ask?
Don't worry, we've got
your Atlantic journey
planned out.
Opportunity to be chosen.


Within this program, an authentic employer brand is being developed that convincingly communicates Atlantic’s vision, mission and value, and ensures Atlantic is considered an excellent place to work. These activities span from the first encounter with job ads, through the application process, to selection and negotiating with new colleagues about joining the company.

This is where programs, such as Talent Acquisition, intended to attract new talents to the system, and Atlantic Tag – for managing the recommendation system for potential future employees, are found.


Recruitment and selection forms are a core part of the central activities underlying human resource management. It frequently forms an important part of the work of human resource managers and specialists.

When it comes to hiring needs based on job description and candidate target profile, Recruiter and Hiring Manager will agree on candidate sourcing approach and the right set of criteria for candidate screening. Providing hiring team members with the right information while developing the recruitment plan can help the team converge to a better and quicker decision on candidates.

Talent Acquisition professionals understand that each talent has something of value to offer. They also build relationships with the best of the talent that lead to more successful networking, more referrals, more business and an amazing give and take of expertise, knowledge and information.

Talent Acquisition is ongoing cycle of process that start by building Employer Brand and ongoing relationship with targeted Talent segments. This approach leads to the development of talent pools and talent pipelines eventually creating sustainable talent supply chain.


Atlantic Recruitment Team read around 90.000 CV’s on yearly basis and hire more than 700 new colleagues. Considering this dynamic statistic which consist of 2 new employee every day, when it comes to process of recruiting, it was always hard task to provide feedback for every single individual that maybe you have motivated or recommended for applying on position. In case if you have forwarded exceptional CV to Human Resources Department, but never got a response considering your recommended candidate or you just don’t feel comfortable asking all the time in which part of process is your candidate – we introduce you a new extension on Recruitment Portal to a project conducted by HR Department called “Chance to secure yourself an excellent company”.

Whenever you recommend a person that have already applied to a current vacancy or our database of candidates, you basically become part of HR team by providing your assistance in order to recognise the best fit. Your opinion represents valuable source of information for HR Department as well as for Hiring Manager and it’s considered as an addition to a regular tool that are being used in a process of acquisition and recruitment.


When it comes to recruiting a new person for AG Talent Pool or currently open positions you are becoming an extension to HR Team and automatically taking part in Atlantic Tag programme of awarding. Taking into consideration that your candidate wouldn’t apply without your engagement, you acquire a chance to be rewarded with prize money. Every time when we decide to hire a candidate which you have recommend and he stays in company for at least 6 months, you will be rewarded with money prize. But prize money only applies on so-called critical positions. Critical positions are that kind of positions that are deficitary on labour market so we’re not capable of assembling candidates with required competencies through our regular sources.

Because our employees are in a unique position to truly understand the qualities and capabilities that make a successful employee in our company, referral program aims to tap into this recruitment potential. By referring a candidate to our talent pool, you are giving our recruitment efforts a significant boost in our never-ending quest of hiring the best & brightest for our company.

Opportunity to be involved.


This is about ensuring that all the tools new colleagues need from their first day at work are available to them right away in order for them to be independent and efficient. Programs are created within it that enable a functional adjustment as well as a social integration into the Atlantic community.

StartA, Welcome Book and On boarding, as theoretical and practical programs aimed at getting to know the company, are a part of this program.


We are here to provide you with the tools, resources, and knowledge to become successful and productive through a wide range of activities which you’ve received in your Welcome package but the whole process lasts until you become fully independent or by the end of your probation period.

Individual Onboarding program is custom made for each new employee joining Atlantic Grupa. We will introduce you, through one-on-one meetings, to other colleagues, key contacts, and stakeholders at the company with whom you’ll cooperate closely.

This will give you a broader picture of Atlantic’s operations and better insight into other departments, especially where they overlap with yours.


These tours are an opportunity to see how our products are manufactured and to understand the processes behind their development.

Other opportunities include store checks with our sales representatives since they give insight into the way products are sold and can provide a good foundation for planning your activities.


Within the first few months, the Onboarding team will provide you training together with other new employees through dialogue with senior colleagues. StartA is designed to give you practical guidelines and to introduce you to the company through dialog with senior colleagues.


To tackle the growing challenge of introducing new members to our community we connected them by ”Good Catch” photo walls installed in Belgrade, Ljubljana, and Zagreb. Situated in common places like cafes they provide an opportunity to present new employees in an individual and non-formal fashion, thus kicking off their networking and socialising with colleagues.


As a corporation striving to step out of the box, seizing and making opportunities, Atlantic Grupa stepped out with a new concept of corporate dress code to fit its profile, and to give its employees an opportunity to dress more authentically.

In a nutshell, we embraced a new dress code which in fact doesn’t fit any usually used patterns (such as formal, business casual, casual etc.) so we’ve chosen to call it Appropriate Dress Code. As a principle, we can say that the new dress code can be generally described as less strict than traditional business wear, but not necessarily so. It primarily depends on the occasion. The simple rule is – dress neatly and in accordance with plain business reason, bearing in mind the environment and people you will be meeting during your day at work. The main goal is to dress accordingly.

We have decided to loosen the dress code because we would like our employees to feel comfortable at work, and to feel free to express themselves through their choice of attire; every day at work now represents an opportunity for you to make an impression – to be dressed in a professional, yet individualized and, depending on the occasion, a more casual way.

We care how our offices look and so should you.


Our offices are a part of the company’s image and therefore should express neatness and professionalism, combined with the specific style of the person who works in it.

It’s assumed that employees come to the workplace completely ready for work. In case an employee needs to leave during work hours, he or she must inform the manager. Trading for own or third party accounts or similar activities in the company are expressly prohibited, as is the case with smoking in prohibited areas. Consumption of alcohol or drugs is also not allowed.

Opportunity to be exceptional.


There are several programs intended to assist employees reach their full potential, improve their work efficiency by investing into skills, knowledge and behaviour while growing and developing. These programs educate Atlantic employees not only at work, but also beyond it.

Various development programs such as Leader Lab, Functional Lab, Talent Lab and My Lab and other development and training programs; OPP programs and career management – the ones that cover the development processes in Atlantic.

[email protected]

[email protected] is a collective name for all development activities within the Atlantic Grupa, and all the programs within it are created for specific groups and specific learning needs. The whole concept is made up of four sub-areas.

Since most of employee’s development happens on the job, it is important that each employee takes an active role, thinks of the skills and knowledge they would like to gain and picks development opportunities our Ocean has to offer. So, do not hesitate to consult your local Talent & Development team for development related tips. In the meantime, check regularly – My development module and apply for open trainings and activities that fit your interests.


Atlantic Grupa puts high focus on managing employees’ careers. This process is conducted through Organization and People Panels (OPPs) – bi-annual meetings where managers discuss organization and employees’ capabilities, career outlooks and succession plans. After OPP meeting, every employee receives feedback and further guidelines for individual development.


Atlantic Grupa Employee Exchange Program is designed to facilitate an exchange of employees so that young and mid-career professionals can acquire new experiences, new contacts and develop new competencies. The program duration is 2 working days and the aim is to cooperate with other FCMG companies on the market. Its benefits include self-development, networking, exchanging ideas and learning about other business perspectives.


Graduate Trainee Program is program for young graduates without experience who have the potential to become leaders or high-level professionals in the future. Program lasts one year, and during this period Trainees have the opportunity to get to know various functions/ businesses, work in the field, and lead a business project. They also participate in formal trainings, and have continuous mentors’ and HR support. After program ends, final assessment takes place, and based on results they become permanent AG employees.


Adventure is an international development program for young professionals and managers. During 12 months period participants get the chance to develop their competencies in the area of business understanding, teamwork, project management, public presentation, finance, etc. Besides formal training, they also gain hands-on experience through working on strategic business projects in the international team with the mentoring support of top executives and prime experts from all over Atlantic.

Opportunity to be successful.


To be successful means to be responsible for your work performance, to plan and revise your career goals, to provide feedback within your team while achieving a transparent and purposeful progress process.

We implement Be Successful through performance management programs – U3 and the so-called Real time blitz feedback where feedback is given to colleagues and the team.


Performance management is a people process and a partnership with employees.

By managing performance at AG we want to connect the success of an individual employee to the success of the entire company by balancing organisational, departmental, and individual objectives, as well as by improving the efficiency of the individual and the team. The performance management system is focused on results, and is flexible and adaptable to changes in business and job positions. We manage performance:

  • Yearly performance management process within U3 form (for Rewarding and Non Rewarding population)
  • Monthly or quarterly performance evaluation (Sales, Production, Logistic)
  • Project participation evaluation (Strategic corporate projects)

As a result – oriented organisation Atlantic Grupa has a performance management system based on following prerequisites:

  • Responsibility for results must be clearly assigned and understood
  • Performance management process must provide usable information which acts as the base for business decisions
  • Individual development, compensation and benefits, rewards and recognition, ought to be connected to established success
  • Performance management processes must be positive in nature and encourage improvement and development

We manage process in HRnet self service portal.

In order to encompass all performance aspects of one individual, the objectives are divided into three categories:

  • Business goals
  • Business development or Business process goals
  • People goals

The weighting factor of the given categorisation of objectives varies depending on job systematisation.


The central purpose of Real Time Feedback is the possibility of actively requesting feedback from your supervisor or team/project manager from your own or other departments whom you have worked with on joint tasks or projects. The aim is that through active and constant requesting of feedback, to enable continuous personal development and performance improvement.

Opportunity to be


The goal of all of us is to be well – at home and at work. To be well and to follow our good life habits at work as well with employer support. Atlantic Grupa helps its hard working crew adopt healthy habits, do their favourite sports, get their preventive medical check-ups done, balance their days, weeks, years.  

Atlantic Body, Atlantic Mind, Atlantic Soul and Atlantic Spirit – are programs that support all these actions and are also geared towards the physical and mental wellbeing of Atlantic employees. These programs ask you how you are, if you have been to see your doctor, if you engage if any sports, if you support your creativity and if you, at the end of it, in the annual survey, can say you are satisfied with all of it.


Body program is focused on health and more awareness about healthy lifestyle. We want to provide basic health support for all employees on all locations, but also to make a difference by providing some extra benefits. Body program consists of Medical Check available for all employees, Sports Club and Sports Weekend.

Medical Check

Starting from 2017 on all East markets and from April 2018 on all West markets as part of mandatory obligations each Atlantic employee has organized systematical medical check at least once per 2 years.

Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs are part of the program and represent an ideal way for continuous recreation and fun through a particular sport. Employees show their sport spirit by increasing the number of clubs and members every year and by participating in different competitions and tournaments in the region where they represent Atlantic Grupa and company brands.

The largest corporate sports event is called “Sports Weekend” and is organised every year. All Atlantic Grupa employees can apply and compete in different team or individual sports.

Besides Sports Clubs and Sports Weekend, Atlantic Body and Mind team periodically organises additional activities, projects, education and workshops that encourage employees to take up physical activities and healthy lifestyle habits.


Atlantic Mind initiatives aim to proved knowledge and skills vital for developing better, more quality, lifestyle that brings daily joy as well as long-term sustainability.

Personal finances

Healthy nutrition


Creativity and responsibility are two of our core values and we decided to strongly promote those values and help our employees develop their talents or charity work. Soul program consists of:

  • Supporting charity work
  • Supporting creativity

Value Day

The Atlantic Value Day is a common activity which has been organised since 2012. Every year on this day, colleagues from all markets come together to participate in activities, which represent our values: passion, growth and creativity. Positive energy, team spirit and an overall great feeling drive colleagues from different markets to leave a positive mark on their society through mutual cooperation and humanitarian action (such as giving blood and cleaning up public places). Its purpose is to promote company values through volunteer work.

Each employee will also have the possibility to do some Value day charity work during the whole year. And the company will supported those activities with some:

  • Extra days off: for every 2 days of humanitarian work, the company will give 1 day of paid leave (max. 5 days a year)
  • Extra donations: for selected purposes (health, education & environment charity projects) – the company will match the donated amount (with a max of 200,00 EUR per year).

Charity projects should be defined in accordance with our Value day charity activities.


Help in challenging times – we prepared a unified policy for Solidarity help, in which we defined a minimal standards for Solidarity help. This includes assistance money to:

  • Family in case of the death of an employee
  • Employee in case of the death of a close family member
  • Employee in case of a sick leave, employee in case of an occurrence of disability
  • Eliminate the aftermath or natural disasters or greater damages to the property of the employee

Creative impulse

Creative impulse program supports creativity, as one of Atlantic’s values, is an important feature of our day-to-day workmanship and the wind in our sails helping us navigate towards all that is new and unexplored. This program encourages all employees to display their creative impulse to an audience of over 5 thousand people in 4 categories:

  • Literary works
  • Visual works
  • Performing arts
  • Other performing arts

All works are exhibited in the gallery. Once per year, all works will be presented at the AMM Conference, and in addition to the artwork presented in front of a familiar internal audience, we also grant you the opportunity to further enhance your talent.

Free 1st day of school

We put our employees and their role as parents in the foreground, and inside Atlantic Family day we launched the opportunity for our employees (working mums and dads) to take the day off for their 1st grader’s first day of school.


The program is based on creating a balance between private and business life; Through offering flex time and place, sabbatical and driving changes in work environment according to your opinion we receive in yearly engagement survey. ​​

Flexible working hours

Flexible working hours mean that the daily working hours may begin between 7.30 – 9.00 AM and end between 3.30 – 5.00 PM. Therefore, you can complete the 8 hours of work within those timeframes.

These provisions are not applicable to colleagues who do shifts and field work, and to those whose nature of work does not allow them to work flexible working hours since the schedule of their working hours is set within a fixed period.

Variable daily working hours

Another option the Atlantic employees have is to work a total of two hours less in one workday than the regular workday within the framework of each individual week as long as they make up that time during one or more workdays during that same week and thereby meet the regular weekly number of hours established by the Decision on Working Hours.

Working off-site

Working off-site implies working from home or some other place that is not the employer’s premise as selected by the employee. Working from home can be approved for four workdays per month for the most. These days must be used several times, one day at a time.

Sabbatical – one time leave

Sabbatical is a new opportunity that allows our employees to take a six-month leave, under certain circumstances, in order to gain professional training, education or some sort of personal development. The program is implemented as a part of the human resources development system and aims to keep key talents in the company as well as to attract new, potential talents.

Engagement survey

Employee engagement is a key business driver for organizational success. Engagement has clear overlaps with the more exhaustively researched concepts of commitment and organizational citizenship behavior, but there are also differences.
In particular, engagement is two-way: organisations must work to engage the employee, who in turn has a choice about the level of engagement to offer the employer.

Opportunity to be recognized.


In this part of the cycle we want to recognise people as individuals, acknowledge their work and contribution while nourishing the culture of responsibility, initiative, openess with maximum acknowledgment, acceptance and transparency. We want to show everyone that it is best when people are themselves and that, as such, they are appreciated.

Programs such as Flex Benefit systems and Wind of Change are just some of the programs that celebrate our values.

Wind of Change

In challenging and ever-changing waters of modern economy when the best companies are recognized by their ability to find new approaches in production, distribution and customer relationship, creativity is the one thing that separates the good from the best. Creativity is an essential part of success, and main characteristic of outstanding individuals and companies. To create something new, innovate existing and make current better is the process that needs extra effort and willpower. Those characteristics have to be appreciated and nurtured.

Every employee within the Atlantic Grupa can participate and contribute to company’s development, by sharing their ideas and thoughts and by expressing creativity. Sign up your creative ideas by following the sharepoint link, whether they are about a product or process innovation, organizational innovation or marketing and sales innovation.

Opportunity to be related.


All of us leave our marks in our work environment, in the colleagues sitting next to us, in the people we share our offices, work tasks or team successes with. Once you leave your mark in Atlantic and decide to find your dream job elsewhere, we will encourage you to stay in touch, as our company’s ambassadors, as friends. Therefore, through the exit interview and Atlantic’s Alumni program we strive to extend that friendship to the period following your employment at Atlantic.

Exit Interview

During the exit interview, we talk about overall experience someone had while working in Atlantic, and try to understand what we could have done (in the past ) or should do differently in future in order to shape inspiring and enjoyable workplace for everyone working with us. We appreciate when people follow their heart and dreams, and when someone makes a decision to leave Atlantic, we do not close the door on them, but try to keep in touch and maintain relationship of mutual trust and benefit.

Atlantic Alumni Club

We have prepared Atlantic Alumni initiative, aiming to establish the network of ex-Atlantic employees that will help us have smooth and structured relationship with all those who once used to be part of our company (and, who knows, maybe they will be again :). The idea behind, is to share with them news  of  the company, job openings, new initiatives, to invite them to join our workshops, company gatherings, to be the first to taste our new products,  and finally to be, together with our employees, our employer brand ambassadors.

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Corporate Communications

Life writes the best stories and we are looking forward to reading yours. Share the stories of your department’s achievements, accomplishments, brand novelties or any other interesting news by submitting them via atlanti[email protected]

As a member of Atlantic Grupa, you reflect our company and present us in public. That’s why our Corporate Communication Department is at your disposal to assist you in preparing for public performances. Make sure to check with them first before your next conference or media appearance.

Corporate Communications also manage Atlantic Grupa’s corporate brand so contact them when you need the company’s brand standards, logos, visuals and other corporate brand stationary.

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Award system

Reward system

We reward our employees fairly and attractively, in line with the prevailing conditions on the local market. We gather data from the labour market regularly, ensuring that our reward structures remain competitive. Rewarding is done transparently, offering efficient orientation, education and training ensuring means for improvement and promotion:

  • allocation of appropriate people to appropriate job positions
  • setting requirements and standards, outcomes and measures
  • providing effective orientation, education and training
  • providing ongoing coaching and feedback
  • having effective systems that rewards people for their contributions
  • providing promotional/career development opportunities for employees

As a part of our organisation, you will find that a wide range of programs and benefits are at your disposition.

a. Discounts – Atlantic Grupa offers its employees excellent discounts in hotels, exercising at fitness centres, wellness centres, clinics, etc. For additional information under this section you can visit our intranet site.

b. Gifts for new born children – When your little one arrives, we will make sure that she or he gets all the attention. You will receive a Newborn Package with a range of our products.

c. Gifts for the New Year – We are proud of our brands, so we use every opportunity to enjoy them. That’s the reason we give out New Year gift packages, composed of Atlantic Grupa’s finest selection of food, drinks, coffee, cosmetics and OTC products.

d. Sport – Atlantic spirit – We are all goal oriented, passionate and open-minded, so it is obvious we like sports. We tend to be in touch with sports in every possible matter and our annual conference is no exemption. We cheer for our Cedevita Basketball Club (Croatian A-1 Basketball League)!

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